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The Water Structuring Whole House Unit is for the person who wants the full effects of good drinking water, softer skin in the shower, water softening for the entire house and de-scaling of pipes and fixtures. This is easily installed in the main water line this side of the water meter and before the hot water tank. The benefits from this installation is the unit's ability to give balanced water (in the optimum manner) at each water faucet, remove unwanted chemical build up in the pipes and other units as well as the benefits to either hand watering or sprayer units in gardening. The unit can be placed on a well’s holding tank and comes in 1/2"-3/4"and 1". When ordering specified what size you want. All units have a lifetime guarantee.
Whole House Unit $1499.00
Phontonic Water Filter

I have this water unit in my home not only is the water softer it give you energy on inside and outside of your body. (After taking a shower you feel refreshed) If you have Chlorine smell or bad tasting water this unit will make your water and ice taste great.

My wife and I had a dishwasher that was real noisy not knowing why? After we installed Photonic Water System within two weeks of installation of this unit the noise stopped. I believe it was the hardwater deposit in the dishwasher that was causing the noise.

Below these units description is an area to purchase all below units. The Whole House Unit can be purchase above.

Commercial Unit $1559.00
Have perfect pH, no need for harsh chemicals ever!

The benefits to commercial applications are unlimited as water has an effect on all things. Attach to the swimming pool pump to continuously circulate structured water in pool and minimize or eliminate the need for chemicals or other agents. There are many applications of this product, many of which are under development right now. If you have an application that you think will benefit from structured water, then please contact us to speak with our research team to find out if it already underway.

Increase the health and vitality of your business by adding structured water to your operations. Whether it be a farm, restaurant, hotel, resort, swimming pool, salon spa, production facility, or green house, we guarantee that the effects of this subtle energy will be reflected throughout your business with a pool unit it give your pool 100% perfect pH so no chemical ever just a chorine or bromine tablet float.

We currently have units to fit up to 2” pipes as listed below. For larger applications, please contact us for a consultation of your needs.

Garden Unit $499.99

The Garden Unit is portable and can be easily and temporarily hooked up to a garden hose faucet; the hose attaches to the unit. The unit is also suitable for use on a hot tub, RV or bus holding tank. When used for the garden, the structured water breaks down the hardpan soil, leaching harmful salts deeper into the soil. All units include Male & Female Garden Hose Connectors.

Shower Unit $399.00
Structured water can be experienced in the shower for softer skin and all the advantages attributed to a soft water installation, without the deleterious results of the ion exchanges or brine water. It can also be a multi-use for filling water dispenser jugs or drinking glasses. In most showers this is best installed with a special riser pipe, screwed into the stand pipe to lift it above the head. The device can be easily removed for use as a portable unit during travel.

Under Sink Unit $499.99
When showers and landscaping are not a consideration the Under the Sink Unit is a perfect installation. It is designed to be used in place of purifiers, filters, R/O units and charcoal filters.

This unit dispenses water in the optimum manner for the balanced water to reach your body in its optimum structure, through the cold water outlet at your kitchen faucet. It is easily installed by anyone with a minimum plumbing experience. There is usually a small pipe underneath the kitchen sink which can be removed on the cold water side. A flexible hose on each end of the unit is connected to the two exposed ends where the piece has been removed. The unit is bi-directional and can be mounted in any direction. This unit is also for anyone living in a rental unit or condominium and is unable to use the whole house unit. The device can be easily uninstalled for relocation elsewhere.

Portable Unit $399.99

The Portable Unit is structuring device can be used in home or during travel to restructure water, wine, or any beverage. All you need is gravity! In addition to the health benefits, structuring juices of any kind (apple, grape, orange, etc.) brings more flavor to the juice; structuring smooths out the edge of wine and alcohol.

All units have a Lifetime Guarantee if any part gets any defects manufacturer will replace units for free as long as you or anyone does not cause these defects.

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Photonic water system

Have any question or would like to buy units from us and or have us install unit call us at (520) 203-4575 or e-mail us at For more information about these water units check main website at Vibrancy Water.
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It’s a truly maintenance-free water structuring system providing great tasting water, maximum absorption through the cell membranes in the body and the greatest health benefits of naturally balanced water.

The precursor of all recognized as the material world and energy, is light. The photon is a unit of light, and thusly, the term bio-photon means living light. (Learn More). The essence of light is information. The thrust behind information, is intention. Water is the carrier of information, as well as intention throughout the human body. By natural engineering, it delivers and releases energy to each cell of the body while removing and eliminating waste. That is when water is in its optimal state.

Today, most water has a bare minimum of its natural, optimal quanta of bio-photons. As such, it is unbalanced. Removing particulates and "disinfecting," as is standard practice in most water treatment practices, does nothing to remove the biologically meaningless and chaotic information that the processed water contained, or the intention behind it.

Science has shown that all living things have evolved in a direct relationship and dependency on information conveyed by the frequencies of the planet’s electromagnetic field. Water is a conductor of electricity and as such always conducted and delivered the frequencies of the planet’s electromagnetic field for consumption. In today’s world, water has become a carrier of artificial electromagnetic currents from man-made electricity and wireless radiation, as well as a carrier of the memory traces/energy patterns of pollutants that come in contact with the water.

Austrian naturalist and researcher Viktor Schauberger observed that water is naturally optimized when it passes through a full hydrological cycle. It is then at its bio-photonic, and balanced best. The Natural Action Water structuring Devices emulate nature's design, returning the original healthy frequencies/energy pattern and greatly increasing the bio-photonic (life force) energy that water carries, through the pipes in homes, offices, farms, and industry.

When water is in its most healthful state, life is enhanced and optimized.
Shown below are some of the dramatic results achieved using water structured with Natural Action Water Units.
May 2012, Hagalis AG, Independent Testing Laboratory in Germany
Water Samples: Using Clayton M. Nolte’s Coherent Structured Water Unit
Manufactured by Natural Action Technologies Inc.

Images below Magnified 400X

Structured sample of Bottighofen tap water processed with a Natural Action Water structuring device. Note the absence of 90 degree structures, indicating the structured sample is free of toxic substances.

According to the researcher, the photos show physical evidence of increased bio-availability and life force energy, removal of toxins and the formation of star shaped clusters. Water research indicates the star shaped structures seen in the above structured sample, only appear in very high quality water of natural origin. As well, compared to the neutral tap water, the structured sample was found to have a higher presence and increased bio availability of trace elements and minerals, higher and more positive energy balance and “a significant surplus of energy.

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